My name is Scott Couchenour. I have been a COO for over 20 years, CEO for a few years as well. I'm trained as an executive coach and I consult with organizations around processes. I know what it's like to lose big and to gain knowledge as a result. Plus, I started an Instagram account that's all about connecting coffee lovers worldwide through their unique experience, common appreciation and expressive passion for a cup of coffee. It's Coffeeprops.

It's my privilege to connect with you on LinkedIn. Let me know how I can connect you with my network. I want to help you succeed as you strive to make the world a better place.

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By the way, if you happen to be serious about the phrase, "I wish I had more ___." we may be able to solve your concern.

I'm always interested in opportunities to serve dynamic people with a dynamic dream. If you have 45 minutes or so and would like to experience a powerful coaching session with a thought partner, click on the link below. Select a time that works in your schedule.