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Scott Couchenour

 coach  consultant  coffeelover

With a combined 30 years of experience in ministry, business, and entrepreneurship, Scott has the perspective any leader needs to grow further in their personal and professional life. He served as COO and CEO for a national multi-million dollar family-owned business. He has served in his local church as worship leader and various leadership positions. He serves as Trustee on the Nazarene Foundation Board, the Nazarene Theological Seminary Board, and Harmony Village Board.

Scott first came into the coaching world in 2003 and has honed his ability to Listen, Observe, and Question ever since. He has the ability to cut to the chase and get his clients moving forward with greater meaning and effectiveness.

He has a distinct ability to see processes and how they can be as streamlined and flexible as possible. With the use of technology, he can conduct a powerful process remodel for just about any organization.

He loves social media and has created an online presence on many of the main social platforms. In particular, his love of the third wave coffee culture has sparked a movement that is still growing (Coffeeprops).

Scott is happily married for over 30 years, father to 2 grown children who are building their own marriages and families, and is master to his dog, Emma (who worships the ground he walks on.)